Online proctoring BenefitsThe market for online proctoring is expansive as many organizations from practically all industries are now finding such as a must for growing brands. The market is said to cover educational, vocational, corporate, and training – which all involve human resources management. There is a whole new horizon to unlock with online proctoring as there is a massive potential as well waiting for remote invigilation to get working in full throttle. More so, there is also massive potential in terms of e-learning and assessments in different disciplines in which a magnified assessment of an individual’s skills and learning is vastly required.

There is no arguing that the opportunity around online proctoring is potentially huge where you can make huge profit both from participation and certification which are considered equally important. This is an investment in variably all angles if you have the businessman mindset. This opportunity is also booming and emerging in many colleges and universities worldwide; which aim to primarily maximise their distance learning offer as education becomes international in domain. It has been said that around 80% of university students will be exposed to the use of online proctoring in the course of their education. More so, it is then expected that the use of online assessments as well as online remote invigilation will also boom in a similar robust pattern.

U.S., U.K, and Asia Now Adapting to Online Proctoring

The US market along with other markets such as in Asia and Europe is moving real fast, but is still deemed immature although it is highly anticipated that a rapid maturing is bound to happen in the education sector, particularly in the middle range and community college markets where learning models are evolving as we speak.  The virtual or unconventional method of learning such as online proctoring for exams is now a widely accepted norm that yields even greater results.

In the corporate sector, the trend also went up especially in terms of using it for product certification training. This online proctoring solution

Is relatively cost-effective because it still depends upon real people delivering the actual session which is done remotely so it has a considerably lower cost as compared to face-to-face tutoring or training per se. This is commonly used in training people in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

There is an estimate of $60 million per annum worth of revenue for with online proctoring in the United States at present. There is a huge market growing rapidly and is looking towards expansions internationally and while it is seen to eat up or consume revenues of other established industries or key players in the industry, this will somehow grow into attractive and robust market segments that will drive even more profit Price points for these remote assessments or online proctoring programs would demarcate or quickly fall as the operations scale up and technologies emerge.


Many universities and giants in the industries are now using Skype and other known mobile or virtual platforms in online proctoring programs. Most companies in the US and UK have expressed interest in remote invigilation considering that the mature looks ripened and set for the picking. The market can however mature rapidly; so it is best to get into the frontline as much as possible with the right timing of course. Work-based learning in corporations and the education sectors have now made workplace testing and is expanding exponentially in growth.

Benefits That Thrive With Online Proctoring

There have been no known issues or problems so far with the implementation of remote invigilations or online proctoring anywhere in the world. Most companies are keen in maintaining the standard procedures and making sure that the protocols are followed. Some small companies or startups won’t have ready funding for online proctoring or to invigilate exams, and providing such would mean large costs to them. These bodies have good brand names, and can use this to leverage overseas expansion. Online invigilation services are therefore of great interest to them, as they can enable them to expand whilst minimizing the costs.

Evidently, in the UK, there is a steady growth with regards to the adoption of online invigilation, and that the tipping point on these scales will most likely happen within the next 3 to 5 years, which prompts a humongous increase in demand for online invigilation services. In comparison to the US market, UK is just following after their blueprint at this point, where the online proctoring market has already seen this large increase in demand, and the market finally levelled out to become well established and more stabilized.

Brand Awareness And Credibility Maximized


The adoption of remote invigilation solutions worldwide is seen to be a blockbuster flick or huge hit as not only will the demand for trust in the credibility of online certifications be maximized, but this is more so supported by the fact that it sits within the fast growing wider market of elearning in a global concept.

Remote invigilation or online proctoring needs to sit on a robust platform for it to be successful. You need to be able to replicate standards of excellence with Skype-based invigilation in case examinees live far away or from other points of the world. There is indeed a complex logistic need for online proctoring which need expert minds and hands. The remote examination or digital tutoring concept is not entirely new but this is seen as a deliberate and unconventional concept to change paradigms in business and education as a whole. What makes this concept radical and intuitive is that there is now a huge potential for more flexible, convenient and robust remote invigilation services to be used anywhere you are in the world.

Online education programmes which are mostly operated by companies, governments, universities, and other professional organizations is seen to continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. The expectations could be overwhelming but the increased demand for online proctored testing also demonstrates how many companies put value on security, integrity and a consistent testing experience to candidates, wherever they may be in the world. Organizations are in need of an effective and robust method of assessment and invigilation which provides validity, security, and speeds up results without breaking the bank overall. Remote invigilation or online proctoring can provide validity and authenticity first-hand. This enables a lot of businesses to add more value to their services and promote their brand with an enhanced image that strengthens ties on face value. This focuses on identity recognition and enhanced elearning which creates a seamless operation of business which is more than just “as usual.”