Brand Engagement

Conducting an online event in order to build stronger employer brand.

Industry/Use Case


    • American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.
    • Their India employs about 6,500 people and has six business units representing the complete company’s product portfolio.
    • The company wanted to conduct an online event in order to build stronger employer brand and engage the right audience.


    • The company needed an end-to-end solution to engage their prospective recruits and enable an environment wherein all registered candidates take test simultaneously.
    • They also wanted to create a pipeline of Potential Hirable Candidates and engage them through an event that can strengthen their brand image as well


    • Mettl team of experts along with the company’s top management did a collaborative ideation and conceptualization on theme of the Hackathon
    • Leveraged State of the art coding Simulators and Rich Question Bank and created 3 auto-graded simulator-based coding assessment along with plagiarism checker and code complexity score that measures code optimization.
    • Mettl organized an end-to-end Hackathon for the company including management of all communications to ensure high levels of engagement and also provided capability to support 4.5 Lakh requests in span of 2 hours.


    • The effective reachout ensured 22,000 registrations within a time frame of 5 days from the opening window.
    • The company was able to build a strong pipeline of ~ 500 candidates for future hiring. Also the success led us to discuss a global opportunity with the Tech Giant.
    • The Hackathon enabled the company to find out the top performers from the entire population and they were also able to roll out 500 offers to candidates.
    • The entire Hackathon exercise helped in building a stronger employer brand.