Campus and Lateral Recruitment

Hiring the right candidate from various campuses.

Industry/Use Case


    • Company that provides mapping and location data and related services to individuals and companies. It is majority-owned by a consortium of German automotive companies (namely Audi, BMW, and Daimler), whilst other companies also own minority stakes.
    • The company engaged with us with an objective of hiring the right candidate from various campuses after students have completed their B.Tech.


    • The company screened 15,000 candidates every year via Campus/ Walk in Drives and other lateral recruitment drives.
    • A critical competency in the job profile was high attention to detail as the responsibility encompassed working on maps coupled with psychometric competencies which were important for candidates to display in order to be successful for the job.
    • The company also faced high attrition rate among the new recruits every year.


    • Based on the understanding of the job profile, Mettl team proposed to use Mettl Personality Inventory along with Cognitive Tool focusing on Attention to Detail competency.
    • The content Aptitude test was curated in order to meet the job demands and management expectations.
    • The first level of candidate filteration was to be conducted by Psycometric assessments and the subsequent round to measure candidate’s cognitive abilities.
    • Behavioral competencies and Stability Index constituted Psychometric assessment components.
    • The test was first administered to 655 candidates


    • The response style of respondents were analyzed and classified into three categories i.e. Genuine cases, Socially Desirable and Acquiescence.
    • 60% of the performers were above the benchmark scores and thus were able to shortlist sharper candidates.
    • Through Assessment Tool, Mettl team was able to moderately recommend additional 11% candidates scoring very near to the benchmarks with another round of monition.
    • The company was also able to validate the assessment results in the interviews conducted for the selected candidates.