Generating Leadership Pipeline

Redefining succession planning process across locations.

Industry/Use Case


    • An American manufacturing company that redefined Kitchen , Bath, Power, Hospitality and Plumbing Industry. The global brand that gives off an aura of class, quality and sophistication powered by a team, which includes the most proven professionals from across their global operations, who are charged with inspiring and empowering 30,000+ talented associates.
    • Mettl came into picture when the company was looking to redefine its succession planning process across all locations.


    • With a widespread employee force across multiple locations within the country, the company faced a key challenge of conducting assessments.
    • The company was earlier engaged in physical assessment center for building succession pipeline and thus required high capital investments coupled with time implications for evaluating assessment reports.
    • Employees working from remote locations with limited access to higher management, restricted their performance evaluation by leadership team..


    • Considering the key challenges faced by the company, Mettl experts proposed Virtual Assessment Center for carrying out assessments for Succession Planning.
    • The entire Assessment center was deployed online encompassing Mettl Psychometric Assessment Battery along with Cognitive and Behavioral Tools.
    • The process allowed the remote involvement of leadership team and also automated the report generation for candidates , thereby reducing time implications.


    • The company was able to redefine its succession planning process by identifying the exact training requirements for each employee with much less time and effort investment, and increased performance.
    • Leadership involvement that was made possible by the VAC, during assessment, helped the company in alignment of the training needs with its business strategy, resulting in healthy and competent succession pipeline.
    • With the online assessments and auto report generation, the succession pipeline creation time was reduced drastically.