Internal Succession Planning

Helping employees chart a career track.

Industry/Use Case


    • French Multinational Insurance houses its backend processing teams in India. They closely work with and support their Partners across the globe.
    • The company was in the phase of transitioning resources to the next level and thus sought a partner who could assist them in their succession planning process in a seamless manner.
    • They were looking for simple cognitive assessments for their employees taking up the Specialist Career Track and a more comprehensive Virtual Assessment Centre for those who opted for a Managerial Career Track.


    • The organization was conducting physical assessment centres leveraging their existing resources for content creation and coordination and in-house leaders across Business Units to serve as assessors increasing time and cost spent in the entire process.
    • The time and effort spent in coordinating with different stakeholders and creating relevant content for various levels in the organization proved to be a huge challenge for the company. They were looking for a seamless, online and robust solution to address these concerns.


    • The company had shared their Competency Framework based on which Mettl had to map their standardized tools and curate custom content for the simulation-based tools for each of the three levels being evaluated.
    • Critical Incident Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders in the organization to ensure the content was relevant and relatable for the target audience.
    • For the Specialist Career Track, the firm leveraged Mettl’s Cognitive Team’s expertise to provide inputs on the best combination of competencies to be evaluated at each level and the appropriate difficulty distribution as well.


    • The company had managed to complete its entire Succession Planning exercise, across levels, over a few days as opposed to a few months, thus leading to an increase in productivity and efficiency without compromising on the quality of evaluation.
    • As IDPs were included in every individual’s report, the employee gets to gain value from the developmental tips and suggestions provided.
    • They success of the first batch has led the company to come back for a renewal for their subsequent batches.
    • Moreover, they are exploring the use of Mettl’s solutions for their Recruitment and other Learning & Development use cases as well.