Lowering Appraisal Costs

A scientific way to measure employee behavioural skills in additon to technical skills.

Industry/Use Case


    • The company is an Indian Multinational Corporation, headquartered in Mumbai with business interest in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, IT and financial services.
    • Mettl was positioned to assist the company as they experienced certain challenges with its Talent Management Process and wanted to take corrective actions for the same.


    • The company did not have a scientific way to measure employee behavioural skills in additon to technical skills.
    • The appraisal process within the compnay involved huge time and cost investments and yet no framework was available to identiy and reward high performers.
    • Another challenge faced by the compnay was high potential candidate retention.


    • Mettl Personality suite was offered to assess the behavioral skills of the candidates.
    • Mettl team of psychometric experts crafted customized behavioral assessments and an emotional quotient report for the organization’s evaluation to identify high potentials.
    • Through candidate's performance across different parameters, candidate’s strengths and weakness insights were mapped.
    • Mettl Web Proctoring was administered to ensure fair evaluation for all candidates and also the results were stored for future reference.


    • Identification, engagement and rewards of high potential candidates within the organization improved the retention rates.
    • Introduction of online assessment for high potential identification eliminated the time and cost required for interviewing candidates and thus lowered appraisal turnaround time significantly. /
    • Behavioral skill insights boosted the overall profile of a high potential in addition to candidate’s technological prowess.
    • Faster decision-making during appraisals where initial screening is eliminated for selected candidates