Appraisals & Hi-Po Identification

Lowering appraisal costs and improving high potential candidate retention with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    The company is an Indian Multinational Corporation, headquartered in Mumbai – India with business interests in engineering, construction, manufacturing goods, IT and financial services. With offices in the Middle-East and other parts of Asia as well, this titan of a company reigns as one of India’s largest engineering and construction company.

    Currently, the organization employees over 85,000 people with $34 Billion in assets.


    Not many may have heard of Colossus, the fictional superhero recently brought to life by the 2016 movie – Deadpool; a mutant among the X-Men ranks, who is by far the strongest in terms of physical prowess. Of course, his powers included an ability to transform his body into metallic form. That is what made him Colossus.Without it, he was human – gifted, but not superhumanly so.

    Truth be told, the organization in question was one of the Colossian levels. This, without a shadow of a doubt. However, something was amiss. There was no armour. The reason? Certain cracks in the company’s Talent Management processes:

    1. No formal process to identify high potential candidates for appropriate appraisals
    2. No method to measure employee behavioural skills in addition to technical skills
    3. Large investment of time and funds in the appraisal process
    4. High Potential candidate retention

    After all, what good is Colossus without his armour? What good is a company without the best of employees or high potential performers?



    Mutants are sometimes creatures made from human experimentation; an expert team at Mettl jumped at the chance to fortify the Manufacturing Colossus. As with all impregnable armours, ingredients are key, and at Mettl, we believe in nothing but using the best of spices.
    Additionally, our consultative approach enabled the client organization to identify the right blend based on their own inputs; ergo an ability to address their challenges to precision. These ingredients included:

    The Introduction of Online Assessment: Time and logistics severely cut down with added benefits of security.

    Behavioural Skills from the Mettl Personality Suite: The organization could choose from a host of different assessments under our Psychometric Inventory Umbrella.

    Customization: The Mettl Psychometric Team crafted customized behavioural assessments and an Emotional Quotient report for the organization’s evaluation to identify high potentials, offering a solution tailormade to the problem.

    Detailed Insights: With the candidate’s performance across different parameters in our hands – all from customized assessments, Mettl experts mapped powerful insights on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Security & Storage: Our web-proctoring ensured that the evaluation was fair to all candidates. The results on the other hand, were stored on Mettl’s servers with client access for future reference.



    A first for the Manufacturing Colossus, the company – with Mettl – managed to implement the online Appraisal-High Potential identification method to great success. Some of the highlights include:

    1. Improved High Potential Candidate Retention. Identification, Engagement and Rewards ensured great retention rates.

    2. Lowered Appraisal Cost & People-Hours Saved. An elimination of time and cost required to interview each candidate manually.

    3. Behavioural Skill Insights. This boosted the overall profile of a high potential in addition to the candidate’s technical prowess. Competencies were drawn on – values, ethics, commitment, compliance, people management, anchoring, EQ, passion, ambition, vision, tactics and learnability.

    4. Improved Decision Time. This, during appraisals mainly, where initial screening eliminated or selected candidates for specific posts.

    As a mark of celebration, the manufacturing company now explores other products at Mettl to be used for their pre-hiring screening. Yes, that is correct. Colossus is now in full possession of its armour.

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