3,000 Assessments Across 7 colleges

Making campus recruitment more efficient by cutting time & cost with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    This is an IT consulting company and a global provider in Software Development. Since its inception in 1985, they have shown steady high performance in both software development and IT consultancy by providing specialized services including technical consultancy, Application development and integration and product development and sustenance. On technology front, the company provides, web services, security management, framework design and development and many more.


    While planning to conduct campus and lateral hiring, they identified areas in their recruitment where they could improve and enhance the process further. To do the same, however, the company came to terms with some anticipated and unanticipated challenges:

    1. The company was short of a sound and well-thought recruitment action plan which would help them in bridging the gap in specific spheres of their recruitment process. There were two major issues driving the company’s need for a stronger recruitment process.
    2. The company had their own content, however, the content was old and suffered various shortcoming, which the company felt could cost the company, good candidates, as it would fail to assess the candidates effectively.
    3. The company was still following the conventional and common mode of conducting assessments which were manual, fragmented and inconsistent proving to be hazardous for company’s functioning.
    4. There was a lack of confidence in the online mode of conducting assessments, due to security and accessibility issues.


    The goal was to assist them in their hiring process, further enhancing it and providing confidence to the company on the credibility of Mettl’s online platform. To achieve this goal, a few steps were undertaken to understand how the current system lacked and what could be done to remove the issue or other contingencies that the company might face in their recruitment:

    1. The company was exposed to a larger question bank, which resulted in the formation of new and upgraded assessment that could correctly measure the capabilities of candidates and filter them.
    2. Setting up of benchmarks, according to the competency framework of the company was done in order to ensure the hiring of top talent. The company gained confidence in the usage of the platform.
    3. Features such as web proctoring, a user-friendly interface and flexibility, made the company’s experience of using online platform and assessments even better.


    Around 3,000  assessments across 7 colleges by the company were conducted.

    The new usage of online assessments and platform assisted the company in improving their work style and helped them save their valuable time and even more valuable money. Overall, the efficiency of the entire recruitment process increased, benefiting the company as now they could get done with the process quicker and could focus better on their core task.