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Growing applicant volumes by 3x & reducing turn around time by 90% with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    Launched in 2011, this college drove its purpose around revolutionizing the applied-engineering education ecosystem in India. In fact, their Certificate Program in Engineering Excellence (CPEE) is ranked among the best on a global level by CIO, alongside behemoths in the form of Columbia and  Stanford University.


    Since its inception, they has prided itself with three words synonymous to the brand: Inspire, Educate, and Transform. It required for them to aggressively seek growth,  especially in an ecosystem that demanded it. This thought process urged them to reassess their admission strategy – one that had grown archaic with its  traditionalist nature.


    The partnership culminated because of the latter’s familiarity with the education ecosystem. After rounds of robust discussions, a team of experts settled to devise a solution tailored to their problem.
    This led to a combination that included:

    Mettl’s Assessment Platform altered their traditional approach of pen & paper assessments. This led to:

    1. Reduced Operational Costs
    2. Reduced Turnaround Time
    3. Authenticity & Scalability
    4. A Boost in Satisfied Customers

    An array of simulators made for almost every programming language there is, aided in the creation of a realistic experience for candidates. This ensured an accurate assessment of practical knowledge as well, enabling insight into skilled and unskilled candidates.

    Customized & Automated Analytical reports provided actionable insights into each candidate’s performance based on:

    1. Time Taken
    2. Sections
    3. Level of Question Difficulty
    4. Relative Measures within Candidates
    5. Coding Skill Against Basic Knowledge


    With a strong technology driven intervention, they attracted and filtered high quality candidates for the course with negligible effort and time. The ease of test creation, instant results and custom report generation severely shortened the assessment cycle with little to zero logistical involvement.

    The transformation from conventional methods resulted in:

    1. Better Quality of Skilled Candidates: A Result of Coding Simulators
    2. 90% Reduction in Turnaround Time: A Direct Proponent for Result Generation & Delivery
    3. 3x Growth: An effect observed via new enrolments
    4. Smarter Decisions: Aided via Data-Driven Analytics.

    The question now is, “Would you like to be part of this revolution?”

    We’re actually just a button away. Godspeed.




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