Skill Gap Identification for Candidates

300% increase in placements for this training & placement firm with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    One of the pioneers in the Training & Placement ecosystem, this company is bridging gaps between industries and job seekers, from dynamic start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

    The company has operations in key metropolitan cities in the Indian sub-continent – Headquarters in Pune – with a global footprint in both the Middle East and Europe.

    Currently with an enviable placement record, and training courses curated by experts – accounting for expectations, changes and requirements within the industry – this company has firmly established itself as a leader within their ecosystem


    To maintain it's leadership in the industry, the company was exploring avenues to improve the quality of workforce they supplied and expand their offering portfolio. At Mettl we helped them identify the gaps in industry requirements and skill set of their workforce.

    This led to an action plan that involved strengthening their own assessment metrics.

    As with all action plans, the company ran into its fair share of challenges. A sizeable team of experts zeroed in on the following:

    1. Scarce Availability of correct tools for Student Assessment & Gap Identification
    2. High operational costs & hassles of conducting pen-paper based assessments
    3. High Turnaround Time in gap identification and result analysis
    4. Absence of a streamlined & Stringent Evaluation Process



    With strong familiarity of the ecosystem, Mettl began working on a unique, customized solution well suited for the task at hand. This led to a combination that included:

    1. Development of Inexhaustible Assessment Content Library

    With a pool of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Mettl aided in the creation of high quality content that firmly adhered to industry standards.

    2. Setting up an Intuitive User Interface

    The introduction of an easy-to-use online platform meant the company could create tests themselves from available question banks. This also opened opportunity for students to take their tests online.

    3. Generating automated Reports and detailed result analytics

    Customized, automated diagnostic reports meant the elimination of the manual evaluation and result generation process.


    A Reduced Turnaround Time was among the first visible impacts the company noticed with a Mettl intervention.

    The ease of test creation with the click of a button, instant result and report generation severely shortened the assessment cycle with little to no logistical involvement.

    As we kept droning on and on about how it is essential for training or learning programs to measure success, an impact to the case study is how we reassure you and us of the good work between the T&P company and Mettl.

    The Major Impacts:

    1. Improved Quality of Applicants for Employers: 3x Increase in Placements

    A Skill Gap Analysis helped strong candidates move to their next interaction with employers while low-tier performers re-entered the training process to further improve their knowledge & skills.

    2. Cost & Time Effectiveness: Reduced Operational Time By 70%

    Online Assessments are quick to setup and execute, and automated results make up for a faster turnaround time.

    3. Increased Bandwidth of Existing Faculty to Launch New Courses: 4 New Training Courses Introduced in span of 3 months

    With increased faculty and staff bandwidth, the company scaled with more students, introducing new verticals and courses in the process.

    4. Data Driven Analytics: Increased Feedback on Study Patterns

    The company now has relevant data to identify key focus areas using Mettl’s detailed diagnostic reports, allowing them to work on models that generate better results.

    Are you trying to maintain leadership in E-Learning or Training Space? Do you wish to identify gaps in skill set of your students and industry requirements? If yes, let’s work together so you could build a similar case study on your impacts in the future.





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