Stress-Free Campus Hiring

Cutting logistical hassles & improving quality of campus hires with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    This organization is a business transforming and technology solution partners to global enterprise customers in the areas of digital, connected solutions, customer technologies and enterprise integration. They have headquarters in Southfield, Michigan (USA) and are building a rapidly growing global workforce of high-calibre talent across their development location in New York, Bangalore (India), Chennai (India) and Montevideo (Uruguay). The company decided to undertake their campus hiring for the season with the aim of hiring highly talented fresher from prominent IIT’s. With the company at a relatively significant stage of growth, they intended on increasing their growth and profitability, thus making this recruitment process an even more crucial phase. However, there was a gap between their current hiring potential and actual hiring potential, due to the various challenged the company encountered.


    1. Helping the company in curbing their soaring recruitment cost and time consumed in the process.
    2. Ensuring the recruitment of highly talented and innovative candidates by evaluating them using appropriate content.
    3. Formulating a recruitment plan for the company, in an extremely short span of time.
    4. Deciding on the platform which had to be used for conducting assessments.


    To address these challenges, Mettl followed the following steps:

    1. Provided online assessments and platform which served as a solution to company’s issue of length and costly recruitment process.
    2. Mettl identified areas of requirements for the specialized assessments and created standardised assessments for IIT’s consisting of skills including coding, case studies, and guesstimates.
    3. Provided an in-depth analysis through our evaluation reports for each candidate assessed.
    4. With the transition from offline to online, Mettl projected the all-round need for tech support which was provided by our 24.7 Tech Support Team.


    Mettl assisted the company in their campus hiring, making it a more efficient and sophisticated process. Here is a peek of the result:

    a) Being flexible and quick, Mettl analysed companies need and provided substantial results in a crack of time, which benefited the company who had indulged in extensive recruitment process earlier.
    b) The quick and detailed evaluation reports made it stress-free for the client to size up their different options and select the perfect candidate for their company.
    c) The 24.7 support team and secure and user-friendly platform gave confidence to the company regarding the credibility and authenticity of the platform.




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