Behavioral Competencies at Work

An HR's Handbook For Understanding & Implementing Competency Frameworks In Organizations

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    The following literary piece structures your recruitment process by means by competency framework, behavioral types, indicators and situational questions to test those competencies. The behavioral competencies in the framework are based on job level, i.e. entry level, mid-senior level and senior level. The sub-categories include:

    i) Personality Attributes
    ii) Analytical Ability
    iii) Interpersonal Skills
    iv) Leadership Skills


    What are Behavioral Competencies?

    Behavioral competencies are the collective knowledge, attitude and action an individual possess in a business setting across all job levels. While some competencies are innately present in everyone, others develop over time through experience. But, seniority takes precedence since an individual is first judged on the parameter of job level before job role. Meanwhile, technical know-how varies depending on job roles.

    What you get from this handbook?

    ü Need for competency framework

    ü Learn how to develop a competency framework

    ü Understand behavioral indicators of employees

    ü Sample interview questions to measure competencies

    ü Structuring your hiring process