Brand Resonance

How companies are increasing the reach of their efforts by creating a stellar brand?

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    Building a strong brand goes a long way in achieving a company’s long-term mission and vision. To meet this goal, organizations invest a lot of time to revamp their career pages and reflect the company’s goals to attract talent. As easy as it may appear, brand resonance is not merely limited to having a sound social media presence and good glassdoor ratings. Even though these methods are a part of brand building, brand resonance incorporates a lot more. 
    To create a stellar brand, organizations need to work at the grass-root level. 

    The first step towards achieving this is to build good relations between the organization and its people. Openness with employees about their needs, motivation, and in-demand skills serves as a key to ensuring people know what is needed to stay ahead. What is essential is how a company listens to its people, understands what helps them thrive, and reflects shared value in its brand. Forging a relationship of trust with each prospective, current, and past employees will help build a lasting bond. 

    Once you determine what your audience needs, you efficiently align their goals along with the company’s vision. Seeking help from these actionable insights, employers should implement changes in the workplace to the best of their capabilities to cater to employee needs and motivation. This will ultimately result in hiring only those prospects with whom the company’s goals are aligned too. That’s how you build sustainable teams who love what they do and are hence engaged and motivated.   


    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Build a Sustainable Talent Pipeline 
    • Listen to Your Audience & Align with Employee Goals   
    • The Mercer I Mettl Way

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