Practical Evaluation of Skills

Assess behavioral, cognitive and technical skills of candidates practically with technology

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Industry/Use Case


    The future of technology is being strongly influenced, driven, and shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smallest and largest of business processes are relying on AI for their future growth, owing to its ability to automate workflows, earlier believed to be performed only by humans, such as identifying patterns, processing information, and, to some extent, even decision making. AI has enabled the recruitment process to take better people decisions through technology backed analytics based on the current and future needs of organizations and capabilities of the candidates. 

    AI-powered skill assessments are helping organizations hire the best talent in an unbiased, cost and time-efficient manner, lending a greater competitive edge to businesses. Human resources need to realize that even digital assessments need a human touch. The combination of machine and human intelligence in the recruitment process has great potential in the future.     


    Table of Content

    1. The Future of Recruitment - AI & Automation in Screening

    2. Advanced Recruitment & Predictive Analytics in Psychometric

    3. Gamification of Cognitive Assessments

    4. Autograded (Technical) Skill Assessments

    5. Conclusion