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    Much of Mercer Mettl products find inspiration through the Five-Factor Model (FFM) or the Big Five Personality Traits. As established in much of the literature within the psychometric universe, the FFM finds use in many tests of renown consistency and validity. Ours included. It builds on a foundation that people are most efficiently described based on their standing on five broad personality traits. 

    At Mercer I Mettl, a team of in-house psychometricians and data scientists serves to take steps beyond the broader facets that describe the FFM. Instead of choosing to develop 26 scales of narrower sub-facets, from which our tools find their foundation. The FFM has shown to predict critical job-related outcomes such as performance, the potential to burnout, trainability, and job satisfaction, among other things.   

    For a quick refresher, refer the table below to review the five factors involved:

    Conscientiousness   Curious vs. Cautious
    Extraversion   Organized vs. Careless  
    Agreeableness  Energetic vs. Reserved
    Friendly vs. Cold  Friendly vs. Cold
    Neuroticism  Confident vs. Nervous


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