Structuring Hiring Process

A Step-by-Step to Creating a Structured Hiring Process Using Competency Framework, Technology & Data Analytics

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    1)       Introduction:

    The following literary piece is meant to serve as a guide for structuring your hiring process via usage of technology tools. It talks about the most common difficulties that HRs and Hiring Managers face while executing a hiring process and how recruitment software’s can help overcome them with the help of technology tools such as customized competency frameworks, online talent assessments, video interview tools and analytics.

    2)       What is structured hiring:

    Structuring your hiring process means coming up with defined steps that the candidate will be made to go through to ensure thorough and unbiased skill evaluation in a way that can be duplicated for every candidate applying for that job role, with minimal involvement of HR and hiring manager.

    The aim of structured hiring is to establish a standardized process to onboard top talent in a manner which is scalable.

    3) What do you get from this handbook?

    ·         Understand what is structured hiring

    ·         Most common difficulties that HRs face during the hiring process

    ·         Top metrics to measure the success of a hiring process

    ·         Need for structuring your hiring process

    ·         Technology tools involved in creating a structured hiring process

    ·         Steps for creating a structured hiring process

    ·         Benefits of having a structured hiring process

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