The Journey To Innovation

From Traditional to Digital Assessment Culture

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    With the advent of technological advancement, the Indian education system is moving towards digitization, be it in form of smart classrooms or live tutorials. Taking it a step forward, institutes and universities are now turning to online examination for cost cutting, effectiveness and authenticity. This e-book explores how educational institutes can conduct their exams online using Mettl’s platform. It delves into the root cause that has led to intuitions’ shift from the traditional pen-and-pencil approach to online platforms worldwide.

    Drawbacks of the existing system:

    The current system is time consuming and vulnerable to mistakes. The whole process of registration, sending admit cards and delegating invigilating duties to staff is long and stressful. Not to forget the printing, distributing and scanning costs of question papers. Also, it takes several months for teachers to correct the answer sheets and share progress report.

    Advantages of online assessment

    This e-book explains how the paper-pencil test will gradually become redundant since online exams eliminate the need for manual invigilation and provides a cheating proof environment through webcams using virtual proctoring. Online exams also reduce chances of impersonation and operational time of conducting the tests. Additionally, the online platform is accessible to a number of students through a stable internet connection.


    Features of Mettl’s platform

    The guide further takes you through the salient features of Mettl’s inventory wherein we create high quality content adhering to the institute’s standards. A payment getaway in addition to registration portal, accounts for easy payment option. The user-friendly platform helps teachers create tests from available question bank. The test reports are then automatically generated to be customized as per specific needs.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Need for online examinations

    - Benefits of conducting online examinations

    - Downside of pen and paper exams

    - Insight into Mettl’s platform