Psychometric Assessments Helping You Hire the Right Candidate

Understanding the framework that defines psychometric assessments

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    A majority of organizations focus on background check of the talent before hiring. However, to boost productivity and bring out the best in every recruit, this kind of monitoring should not be limited to cross-checking with their previous employer, the firm’s reputation or candidate’s performance in the past. Assessing the candidate’s behavioral aspects and personality has been understood to have measurable impact on the candidate’s on-job performance.

    This book delves into understanding the behavioral aspect of individuals which is equally important when compared to testing a candidate’s aptitude. It further sheds light on how understanding individual’ collaborative power of knowledge, skill and attitude play a vital role in being a good investment for the organization. It is of essence that the new hires use their abilities in transferring knowledge to skills, while learning to have the right on-job attitude.

    Mettl’s approach towards hiring skilled and quality new recruits helps in analyzing various characteristics of a person. The test gives a better understanding to Human Resource department to determine if the person they wish to hire will be able to give long term benefits, thus being a valuable asset for the organization.

    The e-book focuses on the criticality of preliminary investigation and focused group discussion to come up with different approaches as per the employer’s needs. Working on the same line, Mettl tries to incorporate its extensive competency with that of the client’s existing framework to enhance workplace productivity, thus improving the quality of new hires.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Identifying the right talent suited to your business needs.

    - Widescale application of psychometric tests backed by scientific analysis.

    - Importance of cultural fitment in addition to technical skills.

    - Consistent results after several tests at different points in time.

    Giving assured results when compared with the norm group.