Campus Hiring 2019-2020

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    Executive Summary

    Challenges in the Present-Day Campus Recruitment Landscape

    Stages of Campus Hiring - Prevalent Trends & Challenges   

    Campus Hiring Best Practices   


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    In a bid to stay ahead of the curve and meet the rising demand for entry-level talent sourced from campus hiring drives, organizations are reaching out to colleges well in advance to stay ahead in the competition for hiring graduates from top campuses.

    For most businesses, campus hiring is an integral part of the recruitment process. Campus recruitment lends organizations access to a large talent pool with diverse skill sets, interests, and expertise. Companies invest substantial time and resources into their campus hiring programs each year hoping to onboard the best quality talent for their businesses.

    Organizations are ensuring that they reach out to the future workforce as early as possible, which often means making early contact with the targeted campuses and taking their campus recruitment strategy a few notches up to engage the future workforce.

    With the ongoing campus hiring season, we reached out to 400+ industry leaders across organizations to understand standard practices, predominant trends, and in-depth challenges in the well-established recruitment channel of campus hiring. This report helps bridge the gap between the old and the new modus operandi. It provides a take on how some of the modern technology-enabled initiatives are tackling the typical campus hiring challenges that affect its scalability as an effective recruitment process.

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