Competency Frameworks for Popular Non-Technical Job Roles

A ready to use handbook for top 30 job roles with interview questions.

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    Recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for quality talent who would adhere to the company’s work culture and align with the vision to give quality output. Hiring decisions cast a long-lasting impact on the company’s productivity, attrition and success rate. However, recruiting candidates for different job roles becomes a roadblock for many because every job role requires a new set of competencies against which a candidate should be measured.

    The three vital aspects that help in onboarding a quality talent with the perfect balance of required skill set are:

    - Domain Expertise
    - Behavioral Attributes
    - Aptitude

    To strike a balance between the three and based on our experience of working with 2,000 clients, we have compiled a ready to use competency framework manual and interview guide for top 30 job roles which covers the following job families:

    - Finance
    - Sales
    - Marketing
    - Customer Care
    - Support & Administration
    - Human Resource
    - Graduate Engineer Trainee
    - Logistics 
    - Leadership Roles