State of Talent Acquisition India

Business & HR challenges in a volatile digital, economic, demographic, & social landscape.

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    In this era of disruption, business & HR leaders are being urged to recast the rules for how they organize, recruit, develop, manage, and engage the ever-so-increasing 21st-century workforce. This workforce is dynamic. It’s more agile, more global, diverse, automation-savvy, and extremely proficient in adaptability.

    At the same time, business expectations, needs, and demands are evolving faster than ever before. Some find these challenges as a roadblock, we find it to be bridged.

    Ergo, our bidding for new rules for the HR fraternity in the cybernated age. This report consists of more than 1860+ HR and business leaders across various regions inside the confines of the Indian subcontinent. 2018 is positioned to be a year of change as we all manage new levels of transformation and disruption.