Talent Assessment Study 2018

Key Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices to Hire and Retain the Top Talent

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    Talent and technology is transforming how Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development (L&D) takes place in organizations. Shortage of high skilled talent has compelled organizations to adopt innovative ways to attract and retain quality talent. Industry leaders are already making use of assessment tools such as cognitive, psychometric, personality, domain, simulations, assessment centers, and platforms (with custom content) to maintain their position as top players in the market by onboarding the best talent and nurturing them further via innovative and impactful L&D practices. This 1st edition of our annual report is an attempt by Mettl to bring out the top trends in assessments for Talent Acquisition and L&D across 5 top industries, for the year 2018.

    Talent Assessment Study is based on the data collected as a part of Talent Acquisition and L&D programs run by various organizations. The study has been compiled using 2,338,734 talent assessments taken by 1,757,736 candidates spanning across 21 industries from 2016-2017.

    Read 'Talent Assessment Study 2018' to-

    1. Find out how the 3Ts (Talent, Technology, and Transformation) are impacting the Talent Assessment Industry landscape.

    2. Discover the top assessment trends for 5 key industries (IT/ES, Pharma, Retail, BFSI, and Consulting), across the two biggest talent assessment tool use cases (Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development).

    3. Take a look at Industry leading companies that have transformed their Talent Acquisition and L&D process by using talent assessment tools.