In Conversation with Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Head HR - (Solar Mfg & Renewable Energy) at Adani Green Energy

Adani: Understanding Cultural Dimensions At Workplace - The Adani Way and creating an enavling environment for employees

Industry/Use Case

    We are largely driven by gut in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world, when the visibility to the success of business is just 100 meters. With all hopes, we prepare for marathon that our business will sustain for another 100 years in the times to come. We can predict the life of technology, infrastructure, machines, equipment and so on but predicting the market how it will behave and that too in VUCA times is far more unprecedented than ever before.

    These volatile times are seeing a tonnage of leading businesses around the globe falling short of meeting shareholder expectations and succumbing to their natural death. What these organizations fail to acknowledge is that their intellectual capital is not attuned to running a marathon, instead, they are chasing short term goals and falling apart when there are external tremors which their employees are not able to foresee. A culture of forward thinking and agility is thus required for marathons to be won.
    Join Manoj K. Sharma (Head HR – Adani Power) in a webinar with Mettl to understand how top organizations build a culture of enabling performance to not just see the next immediate milestone but to envision a distant future.

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