UB Group: In Conversation with Mr. Suvro Raychaudhuri, GM HE

Driving Contemporary and Alternative Learning in Organizations

Industry/Use Case

    Many Organizations today are facing difficulty in deploying andragogy, or adult learning. Training and development experts advocate the deployment of andragogy as a core learning form for organizations. However, HR teams are finding it difficult to implement?? it in an organizational ?set up due to lack of understanding of the same.

    While the demand for such comprehensive learning model remains high, very fe??w organizations are able? to? build one.

    Join Suvro Raycha?udhuri in a conversation with Mettl, India's most prolific talent measurement organization to understand how their HR team managed to develop a 3-pronged approach towards andragogy that set the foundation of ?UBL University in 2011?. The agendas for the webinar include:

    1. Understanding real-life applications and data/outcomes of applying adult learning frameworks within an organization.
    2. How to deploy learning mechanisms in an organizational setup.
    3. Understand how UB developed their unique learning style and built a learning centre around it.