Aircel: In Conversation with Ms. Deepti Kapoor, BPHR and Talent Management

How To Deploy A Winning Talent Strategy How Can Your Talent Planning Be More Purpose-Driven, Performance-Oriented and Principles-Led

Industry/Use Case

    How can both strategy and execution be consistently superior? How can they support a collective culture yet enable high potentials to thrive as individuals? How can the strategy be global and local at the same time? How can it’s policies strive to be agile and constantly open to revitalization?

    These were some of the few questions raised in a recent HR summit on talent management & strategy. These questions made us realize that the buzz around talent strategy is rather confusing HR folks than comforting them. They stages a worrisome problem for the HR fraternity where this state of uncertainty questions their business sustainability.

    Join Deepti Kapoor (Head - Corporate HR, Aircel) in a conversation with Mettl, India's most prolific talent measurement organization, on how Aircel successfully built a delivering talent strategy which ensured their organization's growth and development. The agenda of this webinar is:

    1. Defining Talent parameters to build a successful talent strategy.
    2. How to align talent strategies with business strategies.
    3. How to ensure a high performance culture at your organization.
    4. Understanding talent planning and recruitment.

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