Aptitude Test for Campus Hiring - BBA-BSc-BCom

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Performance Summary
Values shown in above chart are percentages
Very Low Low Moderate High Very High


Evaluation of Cognitive Competencies
Values shown in above chart are percentages
Very Low Low Moderate High Very High
Analytical Ability: Very High

Very likely to integrate issues and factors onto a conceptual framework. May have strong ability to reason and provide systematic solution to a given problem by breaking it down into simple cases, then evaluating different alternatives to the problem in a step by step manner. May be able to analyze or perceive a given information from different perspectives.

Data Analysis: Very High

Most likely to structure and analyse observations that are obtained by different data sources. May be excellent in inspection, selection, transformation and remodelling of data in order to derive a conclusion for any particular situation. May be extremely skilled in breaking down a big problem into smaller parts for better understanding of the problem, in order to solve the problem efficiently.

Numerical Ability: Very High

Most likely to perceive and process numbers and related symbols to perform basic arithmetic operations and perform estimates. May have very high level of speed in making analysis or assessments based on given information and an excellent level of concentration in solving problems.

Verbal Ability: Very High

Most likely to have a good vocabulary. May be excellent at proper usage of grammar and punctuation. May be very good at understanding word meanings, word relationships and also in interpreting detailed information.

Abstract Reasoning: Very High

Most likely to have the ability to quickly identify patterns and the logical rule underlying those patterns to arrive at solutions. May be able to gather work related information quickly, from various sources and apply it in innovative ways to solve problems. May have excellent lateral thinking abilities and fluid intelligence. May be very creative in thinking and in integrating data logically to arrive at solutions.

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