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Many people find it difficult to define what kind of work they want to do or why a given area/field makes them comfortable or uncomfortable. Mettl's Career and Personality Profiler Types is a practical assessment for investigating what works for you, then looking for and recognizing work that satisfies you. It is used for a wide variety of purposes including the following:

• Discovering careers and occupations most suitable for your personality 

• Self-understanding and developments

• Career development and exploration

• Organization development

• Team building

• Management and leadership training

• Problem solving

• Relationship counseling

• Education and curriculum development

• Academic counseling

• Diversity and multicultural training

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Suitable for:

  • 11-12th Grade Students

  • College/University Students

  • Working Professionals

  • Anybody who wants to gauge deeper into one's personality and natural working style


Test Details:


15 minutes

Reliability score(i)

Cronbach's alpha .85, Split half method .87

Validity score(i)

This ranges from .84 to .89 for different norm groups

Theoretical basis

The Big 5 Theory of Personality


English and Spanish (please contact if you want us to support other languages)


Test descriptions :

The test consists of 60 (5 point Likert scale) items across the Big 5 personality factors -

  • Extraversion

  • Agreeableness

  • Conscientiousness

  • Emotional Stability and

  • Openness to Experience


The report includes a title for a person's particular personality type, a short description, top strengths, the ideal culture/environment fit, how a person contributes in a team, challenges blind points, steps to overcome challenges, popular occupations suitable for the personality and some famous personalities that share your type.

In addition to that, this test also identifies certain insights by combining the main traits, two at a time. The insights include a person's interaction style, preferred work style, psychological well-being, professional interests, character, anger management, and attitude towards work, level of impulse control, learning patterns, and behavior under pressure. This part of the analysis is very insightful and has been widely appreciated by clients. 

Answer to common queries:

1. What if a person takes a test in a socially desirable manner or manipulates the responses?

Utmost care has been taken care of the social desirability bias at the stage of the item construction itself. Only such items have been included in the final forms of thenre tests where, though the manipulation of response may seem obvious, but the scoring in such cases cannot be predicted. Alternatively, in few tests where the questions seem to be pretty straightforward, we scientifically figure out if the person has randomly responded or manipulated the responses.

2. Can we do benchmarking for an organization for a specific role?

It is possible to do so for different job roles for your organization. We follow a scientifically valid benchmarking process. Please write to us and we would be glad to assist.

3. Is it possible to map an organization’s competency framework to your assessments?

We have an exhaustive list of satisfied clients. Please write to us  for such a request and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

4.How do we determine the thresholds for the proficiency levels for a norm group?

The thresholds for the proficiency levels are based on the normal probability distribution of scores for a particular norm group.

5. How are norms formed for any specific psychometric test?

The data obtained through across industries and across verticals of various types of organizations is updated in the Mettl database periodically. Utmost care is taken such that the newly added data gets incorporated periodically while preparing the reports.

6. What if the reports generated for the psychometric assessments differ from the actual behaviour, attitude or aptitude of the person?

Human behaviour is a projection of multiple psychological and environmental factors. So, any psychometric report should not be interpreted as a decisive predictor of a particular type of behaviour or attitude. These reports should be integrated with all other sources of information in reaching professional decisions about the person. If you find any discrepancy in the reports from actual behaviour of the person, always refer to the other environmental, physical and psychological factors driving that behaviour. This should be preferably done under supervision of qualified professionals only.

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Relevant for Industries

  • IT
  • ITeS
  • Banking & finance
  • Insurance
  • FMCG
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare