Certification with 40,000 Partners

A scalable platform, flexible enough to cater to their diverse needs in Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    Founded two decades ago this company has grown to become to become India’s leading business management software product company. Today, they power more than 9 lakh business worldwide, but firmly remains committed to Indian business.

    A pioneering company, this was the first company to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, path-breaking remote functionality and other unique capabilities. The company is transforming businesses in over 1000 countries with the philosophy of the ‘Power of Simplicity’.


    They was looking forward to working with their 40,000 partners (training institutes) for certifications. However, while working towards the same, several questions posed a challenge. Here are a few:

    1. What could simplify the certification process?
    2. How to bring down the cost and reduce the time of recruitment process?
    3. What kind of platform could transform the entire process into an easy and fuss-free task?
    4. Which platform would support the huge inflow of assessments?
    5. Is the platform flexible enough to incorporate the necessary changes?



    The solutions they were looking for were provided by Mettl. We were hired to conducting their certification with 40,000 partners. Mettl analysed the questions and got started on the answers. Here are the answers:

    1. Flexible Platform
    The major challenge faced by the company was the unavailability of an adequate platform for conducting the assessments. Though they had an in-house platform which had been used to conduct assessments earlier, the company felt the need for a new and upgraded platform which could flexible enough to cater to their diverse needs. Mettl’s online platform was safe and secure giving confidence to the company regarding the authenticity and confidentiality of the assessments. The online platform met the company’s demand for supporting a large number of assessments being conducted together. Plus, through API indication, even though the platform was Mettl’s, it could be easily modified to come across with only theit company.

    2.New way of invigilating – Web Proctoring
    An essential part of Mettl’s online platform is the web proctoring feature which makes it possible for to company to invigilate, without leaving their office and cuts down the cost of hiring specialized invigilators for the traditional pen and paper assessments.



    Mettl assisted the company in conducting 10,000 assessments successfully and through a safe and secure platform. The flexible nature of the online platform and the customized services made it possible for the company to conduct the huge inflow of assessments with ease and efficiency. The process was further made easy and secure by Mettl’s tech support team, who provided solution to every major and minor glitch faced before, during and after the assessments by the company.

    The organization is looking forward to associate with Mettl in the future and has also suggested crucial changes which would help Mettl to improve their platform and services further.




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