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   Ayshwarya Srinivasan
Ayshwarya Srinivasan
Talent Acquisition Leader

The Strategist event with the guesstimate and case study section has been a huge success in the campuses. We have had almost no technical glitch and the feedback from the students on the UI has been terrific. We are definitely keen to explore this further and take it to the next level in the next campus season. Thanks a lot team Mettl for your support.


How Cognizant found the next CXO through a Business School Contest.


Cognizant Technology Solution is a leading IT infrastructure and business consulting company. As part of its campus engagement excercise, one of its ideas was to come up with a contest that would test the skills of some B-school graduates on several parameters. The Idea was simple - to promote their brand as well as hand-pick students to interact with their CXO team through a contest.

Mettl embraced this opportunity by creating a highly interactive online contest for Cognizant - view here. The first round of contest was run across 27 business schools and had over 2,300 students participating in it from all over India, Dubai, Manila, and Singapore. Candidates were tested using innovative simulation excercise, puzzles, cases and spreadsheet analysis coupled with psychometric analysis.


Take a look at the infographic below to know how we did it:



    The Results:

Cognizant was pleased with the volume of candidate engagement and the excitement it created amongst students and various campuses. On the candidate side, 82% of the candidates were happy with the quality of online assessment software, while 87% felt quality of support was very efficient. The leaderboard feature helped keep the competitive spirit alive, and results could be shared on media.

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