Hiring Top-Tier Talent Anywhere

Conducting PAN India Campus drives across multiple tiers of colleges with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    Established in 2000, this company is a joint venture between a trusted name globally within Indian conglomerates and a financial services organization from Canada. The local knowledge of the company in combination with the domain expertise of it's partner offers a formidable future for both the company and its loyal customers.


    With powerful strategies around talent acquisition in Tier-I colleges, the organization positioned themselves strongly in the campus recruitment space. However, their desire to unearth top-notch talent from multiple avenues left the company wanting for more.
    An upscale of such magnitude required:

    1. Increased Expenditure

    2. Increased Team Bandwidth

    3. Extensive Operational Coverage

    4. Increased Efforts on Logistics

    The idea was to and the crème de la crème of candidates, anytime and anywhere. The idea was to provide opportunities to campuses PAN-India. The idea was to scale, and to scale smart.


    They needed Relationship Managers for their Asset Management team. The effort required improved outreach and to candidates more than universities. A unique challenge, indeed.

    Mettl, however, ranks among the few to thrive on adversity. This was no different. In the face of such a task, an able team put together an arsenal of products for a solution. The suite included a combination of:

    1. Psychometric Assessments

    While measures of technical prowess are relatively easy to come by, the finer nuances around behavioral competencies pose a different issue altogether. Often overlooked, soft competencies are what determines cultural synergy between employee and organization, which in turn impacts overall performance on a large scale.

    2. Aptitude Assessments

    Mostly misunderstood as hygiene factor in the recruitment process, or rather a preliminary process to sift through candidates, Aptitude Assessments are in fact key to a star-studded hire. Data-driven analytics from information derived from aptitude tests are often what defines a candidate's growth pattern and potential to learn within an organization.


    Of course, a solution is only as good as the impact it delivers. For the company, as a strong player in the BFSI industry, the Mettl solution suite drastically impacted the following:

    1. Psychometric Assessments

    The introduction of Mettl as a weapon helped the company reach a larger, more potent audience geographically, and across multiple tiers of colleges. This, at a significantly lower price point.
    2. Customization

    To ensure that the candidates filtered are relevant and in sync with the organization technically and culturally, Mettl allowed full customization to the company in assessments. This ensured that the framework to define future employees flexibly remained in the hands of the organization.

    3. Minimal Logistics

    The inclusion of Mettl as a partner drastically lowered the logistical effort from the BFSI company.

    4. 24x7 Operational Support

    A strong 24x7 support team walked the organization’s representatives from Assessment Creation, to testing, to on-ground support and more.

    Two years into the association, with over 1000+ assessments conducted for the BFSI company, it continues to explore further options with Mettl.


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