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   Kshitij Srivastava
Kshitij Srivastava
Talent Acquisition, Opteamix

Mettl Technical & Psychometric Test database superseded rival products in terms of features, cohesion between tests, ease of creation, test proctoring, quality, and dedicated technical support. we are impressed with the assessment results and we have Mettl to thank for that!


It’s all hush-hush about the retail giant we are talking about, but there is a story to be told nonetheless – a story of challenges, a story of solutions, a story of the impact. As much as we can say, the large Retail Multinational is headquartered in the United States of America, operating close to 4,000 retail locations.



Lack of Competency Matrix

Quality of Talent

An Employee Competency Matrix in accordance with Industry Standards and Company Goals is commonplace among large organizations. More often than not, this goldmine data is leveraged to get new clients on board, deploy effective training plans and ensure quality hiring also.” – HR Fact 101

Unstructured Training Programs

Fresh employees were put through a training program of little coherence; later assessed via written/assignment based post-training tests. This emerged a tedious, time consuming chore, and something the organization simply wanted to stray away from.


No Insight on Employee Soft Skills

Hard/Technical skills apart, the Learning and Development team had little to no insight on the employee soft skills required for the job, namely Leadership, Planning, Customer Orientation, Team Work and more.


The Solution

When Mettl arrived at the scene, they knew it was a war they had to fight, and a war they fought. With an arsenal of people at their disposal, and a host of ahead of time features, Mettl took to the problem without much aplomb and little worry.

A careful, strategic plan helped the Mettl team dismantle the problem and simply build a solution over it. For more information, here are the systematic steps:

Shift to Online Assessments

Time saved. Logistics saved. Digital Documentation of each potential employee’s progress.


Job Role Specific Customization

The Mettl team worked hand-in-hand with the retail organization to understand 65 different job roles, including related technical and behavioural competencies. This information was later used to map competencies across various job roles.


Assessments Designed for Niche Skills

A dedicated effort in the content front helped with the development of custom assessments across niche technical skills relatable to multiple job roles and in various difficulty levels. Some of the skills include – MySQL, ASP.NET, JAVA Struts, Selenium and more.


Psychometric Assessments

The introduction of customized psychometric assessments revealed soft skills in relation to 65 job roles. Custom reports further helped devise plans for Employee-Employer consultation sessions for improvement post assessment period.


Building A Competency Framework

Post completion of a competency framework for technical and behavioural skills – talent assignment to roles, appraisals, and training programs among others moved to a more streamlined process.


Mettl Support

A strong 24x7 support team walked the organization’s representatives from Assessment Creation, to testing, to on-ground support and more.


Skill-Gap Identification

Online Assessments of niche technical and soft skills helped the retail HR team understand the gap in skills across different teams. With the information in hand, the organization emerged better equipped to structure future training programs.


The Mettl Impact

End to Pen & Paper. Over 1000+ Tests Run on the Mettl Platform with speed and power, removing the worry and logistic effort involved with the more traditional formats.


Time Saved on Content Creation. With the Mettl Team developing content across 30 niche technical skills for 65 job profiles, the Retail Giant had little to worry about.



Psychometric Magic. Insights into employee’s behavioural aspects led to better teamwork, dynamics, and higher productivity.


Improved ROI on Training. Insights on skill gaps in the workforce conformed to better employee performance and better training yields.


Increased Workforce Efficiency. With the right people on the right projects, the workforce naturally up-skilled.

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