HR Chatbots Simplifying Pre-Screening

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    Once organizations have sourced the prospects, next in line comes pre-screening, which happens right before scheduling interviews and further evaluating the candidate. Pre-screening entails shortlisting candidates from a pool of resumes, following the role at hand. It also determines if the applicant has the qualifications needed to do the job for which the company is hiring.

    The result of pre-screening decides if the candidate moves to the next round of the interview process. No matter how senior the position, using a pre-screening method gives employers an advantage and prepare them for the interviews ahead.

    Pre-screening is an important information-gathering tool. When done well, it can help flesh out what’s not on a resume. Pre-screening also lets the job applicant understand the requirements of the position at hand. Sometimes, it’s the job applicant who decides in a pre-screening interview that he’s not interested in a particular position. It provides easy access to candidates to know the compensation package, benefits, nature of work, or any additional information about the organization.


    Table of Contents

    - Introduction 

    - Challenges faced by HRs & Prospects

    - Adoption of Technology   

    - The Emergence of Chatbots

    - How Chatbots Solve Pre-screening Challenges

    - Measuring the Effectiveness of Bots

    - Benefits of Automation in HR Processes

    - The Road to Digital Transformation

    - Conclusion