Leveraging Scientific Tools to Create an Agile Workforce

Tools and Technology to Improve Future-Readiness

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    Recruiting and keeping hold of top talent is always a top priority for companies. Organizations are constantly at war over the best talent. Future-ready organizations around the world have already started adopting technology to make better people decisions.

    The future of work is one of the hot topics in 2019, which leaves plenty of room for experts to discuss it. It started with a small discussion, with Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer | Mettl moderating the session. He was joined by experts from top organizations sharing their thoughts around ‘ How future-ready workplaces are leveraging technology to make better people decisions.’ 

    The discussion covered all the essential aspects of building a future-ready organization, such as:

    • Best ways to address the skill gaps which exist today and are essential for tomorrow 
    • How to attract the world’s best talent 
    • Process and technology changes needed to create brand resonance and curate the right work experience 
    • The impact of leveraging technology in building a future-ready workforce


    Table of Contents


    Challenges in the Future Readiness

    How companies are preparing for the future of work 

    Gamification as a solution