Mettl's Guide on- 'How to Interview'

Interviewing Your Next Hire:

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    Generally speaking, Human Resource Departments resort to asking some standard questions while hiring for a certain job role. The idea is to analyze three traits in an individual, namely- a) vision, b) ability and c) behavior. However, questions like “What is your greatest weakness?”, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years” or “Why are you leaving your current employer?”, puts an individual at a disadvantage and sets a negative outlook. This is so because, the responses to these questions fail to give insight into any of the three traits mentioned above.

    To terminate this vicious circle of asking stereotypical questions, Mettl incorporates a two-fold strategy through this e-book:

    i) Asking the right set of questions.

    ii) Augmenting interviews with Psychometric Assessment Test.

    The strategy helps in identifying those behavioral characteristics of an individual, which can be further used in asking pointed questions while hiring.

    This e-book also takes you through a case study, where Mettl helped an organization tackle its major hiring challenge, thus increasing performance significantly.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Doing away with general interview questions.

    - Delivering the right interviewing toolkit.

    - Introducing framework of Psychometric Assessment in interviews.

    - Putting the right questions to tap the true potential of new hire.

    - In-depth knowledge of new hire or existing employee via Psychometric Assessment.

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