How Does Behavior Affect Workplace?

Identifying the traits that boost productivity

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    Behavioral assessment is a primary indicator that helps organizations recognize their basic personality dimensions. This knowledge can be used to guide behavior of an individual. It plays an important role in providing the complete picture of an individual’s capabilities and current reactions to the environment he or she is presented with.

    Personality V/S Attitude

    This e-book differentiates between the concepts of personality and attitude. While personality cannot be changed since it is inherent in a person, it is easier to change attitude because it directly influences behavior. Therefore, this guide helps you sail through deep waters of understanding the personality of an individual through behavioral assessment.

    How certain attitudes affect workplace:

    The key to leveraging attitudes is to study attitudes – satisfaction or commitment, for instance. If you are able to identify an undesirable attitude, an action plan can be put in place keeping in mind the expected behavioral result.

    Advantages of behavioral assessments:

    This guide shows how behavioral and cognitive assessments simulate work environment and place individuals in real work environment. The assessments help in collecting work samples and identifying appropriate or inappropriate behaviour an employee engages in. Since behavior plays a key role in an individual’s job and his relationship with the organization, it becomes imperative to use behavioral assessments selection and development of employees.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Effect of behavior at workplace.

    - Identifying the behavioral characteristic that boost productivity

    - Creating an action plan to tackle undesirable behaviour

    - Importance of behavioral and cognitive assessment at workplace

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