A Move Towards Online Examination

Evolution of the assessment landscape

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    There has been a gradual rise in the need to bring reform in the education sector to eradicate logistical hassles. This includes conducting exams, need of more invigilators to monitor a large number of candidates, extra time required to assess the answers manually and more. Also, misprints and lack of proofreading leads to delivering the wrong questionnaire. Therefore, this guide addresses all the issues inherent in the existing system.

    Benefits of online examination system:

    This e-book informs the readers how technology is revolutionizing examination system by doing away with pen and paper approach. Online exams reduce the processing time and are more flexible in execution. This system shuns the concept of individual grading, since online tests generate automated and analytical progress reports. The precise and accurate evaluation can also be stored for future use, thus evading large amounts of paperwork.

    Challenges faced by online exams:

    The human brain functions in a way that it questions every small change in the surroundings. People have criticized online examination portals, stating that an over reliance on technology would come as a blow to a key skill like literacy. For example, youngsters’ growing need of spell checkers and preferring keyboard over handwritten copies. Additionally, the Indian online platforms face another set of challenges- paper leaks and impersonation.

    Features of online examination portal:

    This e-book introduces you to a widescale use of online platforms and takes you through how online examinations take place without even the need to visit exam centers. Candidates are given the liberty to sit in the comfort of their homes due to Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring in form of front camera, that efficiently replaces human invigilation.

    The records of responses, time logs and results are also stored in a secure server for future review, ensuring perfect auditability. The AI enabled test is well trained to detect suspicious behaviour and people other than the test taker.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Need for online examination system

    - Benefits of taking online exams

    - Challenges faced by online exam portals

    - Remote proctoring replacing human invigilation

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