Identifying and Assessing Dark Personality Traits

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    When people get stressed out at workplace, their dark side comes to the fore. While diligent people might micro-manage, fun-loving people might turn volatile. This short e-book delves into revealing the dark traits inherent in everyone by using dark personality assessments. It is to be noted that these traits emerge in stressful circumstances and can disrupt relationships, damage reputations and hamper career growth. However, assessing the dark side of a person even before hiring can help in streamlining the candidate pool.

    Adverse effects of stress

    Stress is the main trigger behind dark traits that otherwise remain hidden. A stressful work environment leads to poor health, decreased life expectancy, increased attrition, employee disengagement and distressing incidents.

    Identifying job roles that are most vulnerable to dark traits

    This guide helps in identifying job roles that are more prone to distress caused by presence of dark traits in a person. While research, admin and clerical jobs do not endanger life or company’s reputation, positions of power significantly distort the work culture. Management and leadership job roles have the capability to put a major dent in the organizational culture, productivity and image, as employment in these roles represent the company on external platforms. The e-book further segregates these job roles into low, medium and high-risk places, based on the level of damage that dark behavior can cause in these places.

    Importance of dark personality assessment.

    People who possess a high level of dark traits such as self-obsession and opportunism are very good at hiding these traits behind a façade of confidence and charisma. Therefore, dark personality assessments help the Human Resource Department in recognizing dark traits that a job applicant possess but most probably does not disclose during the interview. In blue collar jobs, where the employees are in-charge of life and asset safety, identification and addressing of dark traits is of critical importance since overlooking them can result in loss of life and property.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Need for dark personality assessments

    - Reason behind triggering of dark traits

    - How presence of dark traits affects work culture

    - Tackling the presence of dark traits using dark personality assessments


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