Impact of Technology on Human Resource Management

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    This e-book opens with historical references pointing to the notion that nothing is immune to change, be it people, fashion, or even trends. However, technology remains the most agile and growth oriented in its walk towards a change. Within human resource management, technology has undergone a substantial transformation over the last decade.

    Redefining the role of HR:

    The cutting-edge HR technology has careved an epoch of HR professionals who now understand their role as strategic enablers for key organizational decisions. This advancement occurred in parallel to the changing needs of organizational HR. With their wisdom, human resources shifted to the science of using strategic planning to improve business value. According to this e-book, HR’s focus areas include talent sourcing, acquisition & retention, employee engagement, performance & productivity analytics, learning management, training administration and succession planning.

    Trends in human resource technology:

    The traditional paper resume interview selection method yields catastrophic results. Online recruiting and applicant tracking systems brought great efficiency to the process through technological advancement in the human resource management sphere. The book takes you through a research study that supports this argument. Some of the other trends contributing to recruitment technology explained in the eBook include video interviews, mobile recruiting, online assessments and web proctored assessment.

    Application of psychometric assessment:

    The use of assessments beyond recruitment – in the measure of engagement, conducting training and ROI of development programs; generates great interest from a variety of organizations. With the shift to an online platform, assessments have become highly evolved in terms of content, administration, results and benchmarks. From the basic multiple-choice question, the format has changed to use of simulated environments. The guide explains how skill evaluation based on psychometrics has created a highly favourable environment for employers to hire right candidates.

    Integration with other systems:

    The e-book sheds light on how the human resource collaborates with and incorporates from other professions. An independent unit at its time of origin, HR now partners with several teams to understand their workforce requirements. Innovation and new ideas in HR technology are on the high rise.

    As HR continues evolving to meet changing business demands and trends, the HR technology will keep getting modified in order to provide solutions for the same.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Redefining the role of HR

    - Changes in the traditional system

    - Trends in HR technology

    - Role of psychometric assessments

    - Role of big data and talent analytics in recruitment

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