Mastering the Art of Technical Hiring

Challenges faced by startups and large companies

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    Being a technical recruiter in a rapidly growing software company is a challenge as the pool of active job seekers is limited and top talent can be off­ the market in as little as 10 days. So, it becomes necessary to stand out as an employer and recruiter to be able to hire the best in market. This e-book solves all your woes by laying down an efficient streamlined hiring process to ensure your best candidates don’t disengage at a crucial time.

    Technical hiring challenges faced by startups:

    Identifying and hiring the right talent is the most critical decision for any startup. Recruiting great talent not only transforms a startup but helps them to reach their goals. Mistakes in hiring result in a startup’s cash burn and a­ffects work culture. The e-book further delves into the challenges faced by startups like competing with big organizations, non-existent employer brand, drop offs post-selection and more.

    Challenges faced by well-established organizations:

    In a sector put down by high attrition and low job stability, technical hiring is an area of ever-growing concern. Even if you get the best ones, retaining them often prove to be a challenge. This e-book brings to fore major issues faced by big companies like need for healthy resource processing, relevant assessments, and distinct recruiting pool to mention a few.

    In short, this short guide helps in pointing the issues faced by small and large industries, which in turn will help you solve all your hiring problems.

    Quick Takeaways:

    -  Current state of technical hiring

    - Challenges faced by startups and big firms

    - Developing a robust sourcing strategy

    - Designing the right selection process