How to Create an Effective Psychometric Assessment

A guide to standardize psychometric test to hire the right employee.

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    Psychometric tests find applications at different stages of employee life cycle- appraisal, hiring, learning and development and more. So, it becomes necessary to use the right metrics for analyzing certain behavior, characteristics and right skill set to increase chances of employee success using cognitive and personality assessment tests.

    Since psychometric assessment tests play a key role in the hiring process, this e-book helps in creating and standardizing psychometric tests correctly in order to reap long term benefits. The is so because, the assessment based on test result helps in identifying the right match for any organization.

    The e-book delves into the root cause of creating a non-effective psychometric test and suggests understanding the law and business needs before creating an effective test. Such a test should be able to cater to different job roles, geography and industry.

    The guide further outlines the inter-dependence of reliability, validity and norming, stating that a test is reliable as long as it produces consistent results at different points in time. The assessment should then be compared to a bench mark, i.e. norming for a comprehensive output which aids in making right decision based on assessment. This in turn leads to cost reduction, increased efficiency and allowing employer to assess and analyze several data points that were earlier not readily available, thus hindering growth and development.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Importance of standardizing psychometric assessment test.

    - How to create or standardize psychometric test.

    - Minimizing risk and maximizing predictive accuracy of psychometric test.

    - Importance of maintaining high degree validity, reliability and norming while creating a test.

    - Widescale applications of psychometric test.

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