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    HRs need to be able to identify a culturally fi­t candidate who is motivated to work and aligned with the vision of the respective company. While team ­fitment and organisational fi­tment can be measured with the help of interviews or psychometric assessment, job fi­tment is exclusively dependent on technical evaluation of the candidate. This is further illustrated in this e-book.

    What is competency framework:

    Competencies are the integrated knowledge, skills, judgment, and attributes that people need to perform a job effectively.  The e-book emphasizes on the importance of de­fining and measuring effectiveness – especially the performance of workers, since it is a critical part of managerial job role. By having a defi­ned set of competencies for each role in your business, it shows workers the kind of behaviours the organization values.

    Creating a competency framework:

    Creating a competency framework is an effective method to assess, maintain, and monitor the knowledge and skills of people in your organization. De­fining which competencies are necessary for success in your organization can help you in undertaking the 7 important steps to measure current competencies of your staff as mentioned in this e-book.

    Structuring competency framework:

    Each individual role will have its own set of competencies. To develop this framework, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the roles within your business. This guide outlines different ways to meet your goals.

    Which screening tool to use?

    The four kinds of screening tools include assessment and simulators, pen & paper tests, telephonic interviews and face-to-face interviews. However, the Recruitment Tool Selection Matrix indicates that modern assessment tools consume less time and give exact results.

    Using different screening tools:

    The e-book informs you about modern screening tools which are used at each stage of hiring. During screening, modern tools include MCQs which are customized across specific domains and simulator for identifying specific coding skills. The selection tools during interviews consist of Mettl’s interview application. The app throws live coding challenges before candidates, cross-questioning and plagiarism check through remote proctoring.

    The guide sides with the use of modern technology tools to simplify the selection and hiring process by tapping high potential candidates, at the same time saving time and resources.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - History of recruitment

    - Creating competency framework while screening

    - Structure the principles of competency framework

    - Which screening tool to use

    - Use of each screening tools

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