A Guide to Hiring and Retaining the Right Talent

Laying the framework for constructive talent acquisition and retention strategy

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    The dilemma of hiring potential talent affects organizations across all channels. The reason can be attributed to the fact that people are one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Since talent is an essential trigger for corporate performance, an organization’s skill to attract, build and keep talent accounts for substantial future gains.

    Importance of hiring right talent:

    Keeping this in mind, the e-book here stresses on the criticality of talent to organizational success by giving insight into having the right approach while hiring, retaining and managing potential talent. It also shows how an organization’s talent management in a rapid and dynamic environment can make a difference.

    Effects of ageing workforce:

    Going ahead, the e-book busts various myths revolving around older employees. Instead of blocking young talent, they come out as contributors and help in retaining knowledge and expertise within the organization as a part of succession planning. Additionally, next generation of leaders require nurture and development from older employers, thus making them an integral part of an organization.

    Impact of employee engagement:

    The guide further introduces objective ways of measuring return of investment (ROI) in people on learning and development initiative, be it leadership development, employee engagement, training and more. This accounts for mutual employee-employer growth.

    Last but not the least, this e-book touches on an important aspect of how employee engagement acts as a fulcrum to a company’s growth and aspirations. This is so because engaged employees are more motivated and loyal to a company and put extra effort because of their passion and love. The e-book emphasizes on the key factors that felicitate employee engagement. 

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Need to hire the right candidate

    - Managing talent in a dynamic environment

    - Impact of an ageing workforce

    - Maximizing the return of investment (ROI) in people

    - Importance of employee engagement

    - Tackling issues to stay ahead of the rest

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