What Can You Do with Psychometric Tests?

Beyond traditional use cases

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    Key business leaders consider the Returns on Investment (ROI) – be it innovation in talent acquisition or the development of learning initiatives within the organization. They also take into account the use cases, i.e. the depth to which a tool like psychometric assessment can be used within a certain process. This e-book sheds light on Mettl’s framework of measuring an individual’s behavioral characteristics and cognitive abilities at different places using psychometric tests which are a combination of cognitive ability, personality and interest tests.

    Use of psychometric assessments in recruitment:

    Backed by a recruitment survey, this e-book identified staffing as an area of great disconnect, an HR lynchpin. This was particularly prevalent in the area of hiring tests. Psychometric tests are the greatest predictor of job performance in the hiring scenario. The book also debunks the process of relying primarily on interviews, reference checks and personality tests alone. Some benefits of using assessments in hiring include interview independence, cost reduction, time efficiency, cultural fitment and more.

    Using assessments for high potential identification:

    An employee’s potential evaluates the upper limit of his development range. The more potential they have, the cheaper and quicker it is to develop them. Studies indicate that investment in the right people maximizes organizational returns. This guide simplifies the identification of potential performers using psychometric tests. The tests analyze people in view of their availability to learn and ace the aptitudes in another work environment, capacity to mingle and adjust to the new workplace and drive to accomplish objectives through persistence.

    Employee engagement using psychometric tests:

    In an organizational context, there is often the case of employee burnout - a situation of emotional exhaustion, lack of personal attribution or accomplishment, and depersonalization. This e-book delves further into how psychometrics aid in the effective measurement of engagement based on cultural fitment pre-hire and process improvement via regular assessment through an employee’s lifecycle. Engaged employees possess a sense of effective and energetic connection with work related activities, pushing their boundaries to meet their goals.

    Performance evaluation based on assessments:

    Job performance is subject to social and organizational influences. This is indicative of effective job behaviour, but what constitutes good from poor performance relies entirely on organizational context. The e-book sheds light on the two functions of psychometric testing- the use of appropriate instruments and evaluation in the wake of applying such tests. Assessments are not only valid and reliable but follow norming to yield desired responses needed for performance evaluation as per different managerial roles.

    Quick Takeaways:

    - Use of psychometric assessments in recruitment

    - Role of psychometric assessments in identifying high potential

    - Employee engagement with the help of assessments

    - Performance evaluation based on psychometric test

    - Backed by studies and survey to support the use cases

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