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Hire Content Writers With Great Vocabulary and Writing Skills

Assess the candidates writing skills and is suitable for technical writers, web content writers, writers for products and service manuals.

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    Technical content writer, Web content writer, Content writer for products/ services
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Top Customers:

A content writer specializes in writing content/description related to products/services/ideas for websites, magazines, catalogues, etc. He/she acts as a company's or brand's evangelist and helps organizations to reach and acquire new customers/clients, spread awareness about their brand and direct people to their website and social networking pages.

Mettl's Test for Content Writers has a writing simulator which automatically evaluates and grades a candidate's content piece on the basis of grammar and vocabulary.

The test has been designed to assess if a candidate can:

  1. Translate complex information into easy-to-understand language

  2. Use aids such as graphs, charts, images, etc. creatively to make information easy to comprehend/remember

  3. Follow and create detailed instructions to produce accurate content

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