Hackathon Platform

A hackathon platform is an online platform or software that enables you to conduct a hackathon seamlessly, managing all end-to-end tasks. A hackathon platform can help you create a custom flow of events that meet your cost, complexity and scale requirements. A hackathon platform considers all stakeholders – administrators, participants and judges – and allows everyone to perform their role in a streamlined manner.

A hackathon platform enables hosting a hackathon in an effortless and organized manner—your partnering with a hackathon platform is half the work done. When seeking a hackathon platform, ensure it provides a single dashboard for all your admin-related work, such as setting up the event landing page and uploading instructions about the challenges and stages, etc. An ideal hackathon platform should also help you in marketing efforts and be participant-friendly, allowing participants to create teams and collaborate easily.

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Online hackathons and ideathons are new-age tools to innovate, ideate, and engage with campus talent, employees, and like-minded individuals. Hackathons and ideathons are used as a hiring tool, employee engagement exercise, branding strategy, and platform for crowdsourcing ideas. Online hackathons and ideathons are digital events that use technology to facilitate collaboration.

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Hackathon & Ideathon Platform From Mercer Mettl

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