Addressing Unique Challenges in Services Hiring

How Mettl Enabled India's Leading Car Rental Company To Define Their Skill-Competency Mapping

The Talent Measurement Challenge

Eco, with their impecable service quality and operating handling were able to Captalize the luxury transport market. However, their HR experts were dealing with some tough problems on measuring skill capabilities of their potential hires.  Some of the challenges which their talent acquisition team faced were :

  • No standard assessment for hiring
  • Absence of a skill map
  • Absence of any talent benchmark

What Did We Do?

Skill Analysis

The first step entailed analyzing their job descriptions and to identify the core competencies which these domain specific jobs must have . After preparing a skill-competency map mapped vis-a-vis their talent requirements , our experts crafted a customized  psychometric assessment for their hiring.

Assessment Validation

Our psychometric assessments formed the basis of their hiring as these assessments have already been administered on  relevant sample size of relationship managers & executives . This provided Eco with a scientific backing and a skill-competency validation which helped them in picking only the best candidates.


By Administering our tests , Eco was able to benchmark – how their top talent looks like. Our platform was able to deliver various skill benchmarks after they administered sufficient number of assessments. This will help them in meeting their hiring requirements and to build a workforce of top performers.

The Impact

Our assessment solution not just helped them in short listing smart candidates but also helped them transform their way of hiring. Our emphasis was towards :

  • Setting Up A Competency Framework
  • Optimising The Recruitment Metrics
  • Reducing The Cost & Time Of Hiring

Customer's Business

Eco – Car On Rent is India’s leading luxury car rental providers established in the country for over 19 years. Their fleet consists of the most premium cars across India and has an established network extending through 52 cities across the country.


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