Technical skills are not enough, employees who have the skill and the required behavioural competencies are the real difference makers. Psy-Fi will help you in identifying such employees.

How do we do it?

Identifying Competencies That Matter

Organizations often embrace legacy competency frameworks which were drafted 5 to 10 business cycles ago. Psy-Fi can help you craft competency models that can help you prepare your workforce for today’s challenges and also grow in the future

Creating Targeted Assessments

Based on the critical competencies identified in step A, Psy-Fi creates assessments targeted to measure important predictors of those competencies, enhancing the efficiency and the focus on the assessment process.

Achieve Desired Outcomes

Using assessment results to select your anchors, rockstars and/or trailblazers, your organization can rest assured that its workforce is geared up to meet its challenges

Psy-fi identifies 3 probable kinds of employees you value

Rockstars - The Super Performers

  • Bring business to the company
  • Increase productivity and enhance the revenue per employee
  • Help the topline in achieving goals by providing their valuable inputs
  • Are needed in companies where the major area of concern is to increase the profitability on a YOY basis
  • May or may not stick around for a long period of time but are sure to make a noticeable impact on the profitability of the organisation before making an exit

Trailblazers - The Future Leaders

  • Are needed in places where the senior managers are being poached by rival companies on a frequent basis
  • Improve the talent pipeline for an organisation
  • Possess competencies that match those required by the organisation for filling the critical positions and thus foster the process of succession planning

Anchors - The Durable Ones

  • Are the inherent brand ambassadors for the company
  • Are stable and are likely to stay with the company for a long time
  • Are needed in organisations where the attrition rates are high
  • Reduce the cost per hire and time taken for recruitment drastically

Your best fit hires are waiting to be found. Find them now!