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All the information you need before giving a test on Mercer | Mettl’s Platform

System Check & Mock Test

Mercer | Mettl is an online assessment examination platform where you can take a test in a secure environment from any location. All you would need is a live internet connection and laptop/desktop to get you started. Click on the link to check the system compatibility and start your mock test.

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Follow these Simple Steps to Give your Test


Access the Test

You can access/launch your test using either of the following methods (depending upon the approach adopted by your test administrator)

Press the start test button on your invitation email or

Paste the test link/URL shared with you in a browser and hit enter or

Enter test invitation key on


Launch the Test

Once you have reached the test page (after following either of the above mentioned three methods in step 1), click on the “Launch Test” button and follow the steps in the video given.




Attempt the Test

Once you are done attempting and reviewing the questions, you can choose to end your test by clicking the “Finish Test” button.

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Frequently asked questions

The message on the screen is displayed when the time window for participation in the test has lapsed. We would suggest you connect with the same team/organization/university/person who initially shared the test information with you.

The said message is displayed when the entered value does not match the value provided for registration.
Please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Enter the values manually (type it in) rather than copy-paste if done so.
  • Ensure that there are not any spaces added as a prefix or suffix to the entered value in the field.
  • Kindly check if there is any typing error while entering the email address.
  • Enter the values as provided during the registration.

Kindly wait for 7-8 minutes for the Resume button to be enabled or turn blue as it takes that much time.

System Requirements

Network Speed

Minimum 512 kbps

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome version 63 and above* (Windows/Mac)
  • Firefox version 52 and above (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • Safari Firefox version 12 and above

Browser Settings

In the rare case when you click on the Launch Test button, in case Mettl test window doesn’t open, it may be due to the pop-up blocker setting of your browser. Please use the allow once/always option to allow the test window to open. You may also disable the pop-up blocker.

Firewall Settings

It may be possible that there are certain local network restrictions in the network firewall that may be preventing the launch of Mettl tests. If you are facing any such issues, please contact your local network administrator and share these guidelines with them.

* (32.0.1700.76 is not supported)

Please note:

Mettl Proctored Assessments are not supported on Mobile devices (eg. Cellphone / Smartphones / Pads / Tablets)

Things to Remember

Browser Cache Settings:

It is always advisable to clear browser cache/cookies before starting any Mettl tests. For most browsers, pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE” and selecting Clear Cache (for Firefox and Chrome), does the job. In case any candidate faces any issue in loading the test or images, first shut down the system directly using the power button and then clear the cache again.

System Updates:

Mettl also recommends disabling security patches, updates of the anti-virus definitions and/or application updates (manually) during the test to avoid any interference while taking the test. You can disable automatic system updates for the duration of the test as they may lead to heavy downloads during the test and auto-system restart will hamper your test progress To disable System Auto-updates, follow the below steps:

  • For Windows, Go to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’ -> Type Services.msc’ and then stop ‘Automatic Updates’ service.
  • In case you get a prompt that ‘Ports 1987 and 1988 have been blocked, please contact your network administrator to assist you with system permissions needed to run a web-cam proctored test.

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