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JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is one of the most popular text-based scripting languages among developers. It is used both on the server-side and client-side to make webpages exciting and interactive. This client scripting language can be used for both web and application development. While HTML and CSS are languages that give style and structure to web pages, Javascript adds interactive elements to the webpages for maximum user engagement. Familiar examples of Javascript that one often comes across include the Amazon search box, embedded news recap video on The New York Times, or the feature to refresh the Twitter feed.

The user experience of any web page can be improved by incorporating JavaScript, which converts a static page into an interactive one. This versatile language comes in handy in many types of applications, namely coding, and is not just used for running animation and design-centric features in the browser. Organizations require JavaScript developers' expertise to integrate standard to advanced useful features to their websites and other web assets. JS developers add logic that governs the response of visual elements evident in a web application. 

A seamless functioning of these aspects is crucial for delivering a snag-free end-user experience. There are a plethora of entry-level and experienced professionals in the employment market with knowledge of JavaScript. The reason is that developers seek expertise on JS due to the lucrative job opportunities it provides. 

However, the recruiters find it challenging to hire the perfect candidates whose skills match their requirements. Expert hiring professionals rely on JavaScript online coding tests offered by online evaluation platforms to tackle this issue. These online javascript assessments make it significantly easy to assess if a candidate has the sufficient skills required to work as a JavaScript developer. Some of the most usually required skills in this domain are listed below:

Knowledge of browsers and platforms -  This is an essential prerequisite for all developers. They can apply new technologies only if they have an in-depth understanding of how browsers and platforms operate.

Functional programming (FP) paradigm -  Programmers with knowledge of FP can write concise code that is easier to implement, test, and alter with minimal side-effects.

Understanding asynchronous programming - Unlike synchronous programming that leads to blocked instructions,  asynchronous programming is used to execute all operations straight away. Knowing this concept can help developers improve the speed and performance of websites and applications.

Writing memory-efficient code - Developers should know how to write precise and efficient codes that do not cause memory leaks or slow web performance.

Business communication skills - Developers should express their thoughts clearly and convey their ideas with fellow developers, other teammates, and clients. 

Industry updates - Developers who stay abreast of the latest technologies, tools, devices, applications are better able to deliver innovative and updated solutions to clients. Such professionals are crucial for organizations to outrun the competition and increase revenue. Skilled candidates should also be proficient in these topics -  error handling, control flow, object-oriented approach, DOM manipulation, data models, and functional approach, among other topics. 

If you are looking for candidates who are well-equipped with these above-listed skills, then you can reduce your hiring time with Mercer | Mettl's Javascript online coding tests. Hiring managers and recruiters from non-technical backgrounds will also find Mettl's Javascript coding test simple and easy to use. These assessment tests will help to expedite the technical hiring process and improve workforce productivity within a given time frame.

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Why should you Mercer | Mettl online JavaScript coding tests? 

Mettl's online assessments use performance and competency-based approach to identify a candidate's domain-specific technical skills. You can pre-screen competent candidates with a variety of aptitude tests and JavaScript programming tests. These tests should be administered during the pre-employment screening stage, and the candidates who perform well can be called for the interview round. This step helps you concentrate on those job applicants who have the crucial skills needed to perform a specific job.

A skilled JavaScript developer knows how to solve complex problems and understands the language's specifics, such as closures, prototypes, event loops, and variable scope.  The JavaScript programming test evaluates candidates' expertise in the JavaScript language and its application in web front-end development. 

The assessment test helps tech recruiters to gauge the candidates' proficiency in implementing front-end logic during web application development. JavaScript coding test questions are formulated and validated by industry experts to assess and recruit JavaScript developers as per the industry standards. 

Mettl's JavaScript coding test is a surefire way to reduce recruiting time and hire job-fit candidates faster than ever. Leading tech organizations rely on our JavaScript assessment test to cut down significantly on the candidate filtration time. The combination of JavaScript MCQ and hands-on coding problems helps evaluate the candidates' technical and theoretical skills. You can use the JavaScript assessment to screen candidates in a much lesser time. 

Comprehensive and intelligent reporting underscores the aspirant's strengths and weaknesses so that you can screen out unsuitable candidates and ensure that only those candidates having the required skills get selected for the given job description.

This test will help you in measuring:

  • Basics of JavaScript Programming
  • JavaScript DOM elements
  • Web Page Designing using JavaScript
  • Algorithmic Programming using JavaScript

The 60-minute test aims at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, application, and analysis skills of the target audience in JavaScript Programming. The test has 18 items divided into three sections, as follows:

  • 9 MCQ/MCA items based on JavaScript basics
  • 7 MCQ/MCA items intended to test JavaScript DOM
  • 2 Hands-on coding problems:
    • The First intends to test web page designing skills using JavaScript
    • The Second problem tests problem solving and development skills in JavaScript

Recommended experience bracket of target audience: 0.5-2 years

Difficulty level: Moderate

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • JavaScript Developer
  • Software Developer 1 (JavaScript)
  • Front-End Developer (JavaScript)
  • Front-End Developer

Answer to common queries:

How to assess an individual's JavaScript skills?

A good JavaScript developer should be well versed with the basics of JavaScript and have expertise in manipulating HTML Document Object Model (DOM) to make web pages dynamic. Mettl's JavaScript Developer test is specially designed to determine the level of skills that a beginner to intermediate level JS developer would be expected to possess.

Where is the correct place to insert a JavaScript?

In the <head> or in the <body> section of an HTML page, or in both.

Is JavaScript a programming language?

Yes, JavaScript is an interpreted programming language. 

Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?

The <script> tag is used for the same.

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is a full-fledged dynamic programming language that can be used to provide dynamic interactivity on websites. 

Is JavaScript front end or backend?

It's both frontend and backend; the reason is that it's used across the web development stack.

What type of scripting language is JavaScript?

JavaScript® is an object-oriented, lightweight, interpreted language with first-class functions.

What is '$' in JavaScript?

The dollar sign ($) is called a JavaScript identifier.

What are the features of JavaScript?

Some of the salient features are listed below:  

  • Light Weight 
  • Functional
  • Dynamic Typing
  • OOP support
  • Interpreted
  • Platform independence
  • Prototype-oriented
  • Async operations
  • Client-side validation 
  • Effective browser control

Is JavaScript only for Web development?

JS is used to create appealing websites and to develop browser-based games and mobile apps for different operating systems.

What is the test method in JavaScript?

The test() method checks for approximate string matching, and if there's a match, the method returns true; otherwise, it returns false.

What is bubbling in JavaScript?

In the event bubbling process, the element triggers the event and bubbles up to the contained elements in the hierarchy.

Is JavaScript case sensitive?

Yes, JavaScript is a case-sensitive language.

What does NaN mean in JavaScript?

The NaN property is referred to as the "Not-a-Number" value. 

What is null JavaScript?

The 'null' value refers to the intended omission of any object value. 

What are the types in JavaScript?

There are six primitive data types in JavaScript, namely: number, string,  boolean, null, undefined, and symbol.

How do you round a number in JavaScript?

The floor() method is used to round a number downwards to the nearest integer and return the result.  

What is a JavaScript injection?

The JavaScript injection process enables users to insert and use their JavaScript code on a page, either by identifying an XSS vulnerability in a website or inserting the code into the address bar. 

What is a prompt box in JavaScript?

A prompt box is generally used to enable the user to input a value before accessing a page.

What is the operator in JavaScript?

An operator either performs on single or multiple operands to produce a result.

What are some commonly asked JavasScript interview questions?

Here are some questions that interviewers usually ask during an interview:

  • What are the two crucial programming paradigms for JavaScript app developers?
  • Can you explain functional programming?
  • Can you explain the difference between prototypal inheritance and classical inheritance?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of functional programming and object-oriented programming?
  • When is prototypal inheritance the right choice?
  • When is classical inheritance the right choice?
  • What do you understand by asynchronous programming? Can you explain its significance in JavaScript?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of monolithic vs. microservice architectures?
  • Can you explain the meaning of “favor object composition over class inheritance”?
  • What is the difference between one-way data flow and two-way data binding?

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