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What is Vue.js?
Vue, known world-over as a progressive front-end framework, is used for building user interfaces. Vue is incrementally adoptable and is designed from the ground up. Vue core library centers on the view layer only and integrates with existing projects or other libraries with the utmost ease. Vue is well-suited to managing modern single-page apps when used in association with modern tooling and supplementing libraries. Evan You, an independent software developer, is the creator of Vue.js.

Given below are some possible reasons behind its rising popularity:

  • Flexible and Scalable

Vue.js is immensely useful in creating single-page applications as well as to develop small,  readily integrable apps. Developers can either use it as the library in their projects or a fully-loaded framework.

  • Easy conventions

Creating a boilerplate code is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Vue.js weeds out such hassles by offering lots of built-in solutions and implementing labor-saving conventions. Some of these comprise native support for animations, content composition, and state management. Even though it sounds high-tech, the idea is simple: just use Vue to simplify your work without having to invest efforts in redundant processes.

  • Efficiency

Maintenance is a crucial part of software development. Even though you’ve built and deployed an app, your work isn’t over yet. You need to ensure new features, bug fixes, and other improvements are taken care of, which brings us to the point that Vue.js makes all these tasks easy. A Vue-based project will not require a refactor quickly, enabling you to utilize your resources for feature-driven developments rather than getting involved in redundant processes from the business point of view.

  • Developer-friendly

Vue.js is a hot favorite among developers because it lends unparalleled ease to professionals who use this framework to complete their projects. Vue-CLI is one such handy tool that not only enables developers to begin a new project but also to configure, run, analyze, and test it using their choice of tools. Unlike competitors’ offerings, Vue-CLI is significantly flexible and comes with lots of preconfigured arrangements. Some other useful Vue tools are nuxt.js, Vuetify, and Vue Storefront, among others. 

  • Size-efficient 

Vue.js makes the most of whatever resources developers devote to it. Vue applications use less bandwidth and load quickly. It’s no exaggeration to say that it is more performant than its counterparts. Vue eases the tasks of developers by sparing them the trouble of looking after the optimization part. Vue apps are scalable, which means developers can easily take them from a single-page app to an advanced system.

  • Popularity

Touted as the best choice for top companies, Vue.js is steadily gaining popularity all over the world. Big companies, such as NBC and MIT, use Vue.js - a significant fact that attests to the growing popularity of this framework.

About Vue. js test
Vue.js is a progressive open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and web applications. Its strengths lie in simplified integration and adoption, flexibility, and being lightweight. A Vue.js developer will be responsible for developing scalable, secure & robust user-facing web apps and components. The candidate should also have a solid understanding of JavaScript along with front-end building blocks like HTML and CSS.       

This test will help you in:

  • Measuring knowledge of front-end basics
  • Measuring the proficiency level in JavaScript
  • Measuring knowledge of Vue.js

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Why should you use Mercer | Mettl’s Vue.js test?
The Vue.js online test consists of well-thought-out questions used to screen the skills of test-takers. Hiring managers and recruiters deliver Vue js online tests to get an understanding of the skills and abilities of job applicants to ensure if it’s worth continuing with the application process. All tests are available for junior and intermediate level roles. The Vue.js assessment is aimed at thoroughly evaluating the knowledge, concepts, and analysis skills of the candidates in Front-end Basics, JavaScript, and Vue.js.These tests are an excellent medium to assess candidates’ software development skills rather than just academic skills. These online assessments are an effective way to pinpoint candidates’ programming skills using the Vue.js library and its framework. Vue.js tests are ideally suited for pre-employment screening.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Vue.js Developer
  • Front-end Developer
Number of Sections 3
Number of Questions 40
Test Duration 60 Minutes
Test Language English

Section-wise details:

Number of MCA/MCQ questions based on  HTML/CSS 8
Number of MCA/MCQ questions based on  JavaScript 12
Number of MCA/MCQ questions based on   Vue.js 20

Candidates with a work experience of 3-5 years are eligible to take the test

Difficulty level: Moderate

Answer to common queries:

Q. Can candidates be benchmarked based on the internal sample set?
A. Yes, at Mettl, it can be done. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Is it possible to customize the report as per the need?
A. Yes, we can do it. We have already done it in the past for our clients. Should you need any further information, please write to us, and we will be happy to find the best solution for you.

Q.What skills should one look for in a Vue.js developer?
A. Proficient Vue.js developers are deft in using the main elements of this framework and its various implementations. Moreover, highly-skilled developers have an in-depth understanding of Vue components, Vue instance lifecycle hooks, reactive data features, state management, and dynamic interfaces.

Q. What are the most common Vue.js developer interview questions?
A. Here are some of the most common interview questions you might be asked:

  • If you were to choose between Vue.js and other front-end frameworks, what would you use? And why?
  • What is meant by Vue.js reactivity, and what are the issues with tracking changes?
  • What are mixins in Vue.js? Can you explain their pros and cons?
  • What are single-file components in Vue.js?
  • How does data flow between components in a Vue.js app?
  • What causes memory leaks in Vue.js apps, and how do you find its solution?
  • What is the significance of the virtual DOM?
  • What’s the real difference between slots and scoped slots?

Please bear in mind that Vue.js interview questions can run the gamut. Interviewers can ask whatever Vue.js questions they deem appropriate, in whatever order they wish. It’s unlikely you’ll be asked all the sample questions mentioned above. Interviewers can ask anything under the sun, so you must be well-prepared in advance.

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